A little about me

Kid Bookie’s South-East London upbringing has had a profound effect on his style, causing him to explore and translate elements of rock, grime and hip hop, thus giving compliment to his own unique style. His sound has become heavily influenced by indie type chords and electric guitar power strums mixed with multi syllabic rhyming patterns and melodic choruses, citing it as his formula to create music.

“The sheer depth of this mixtape (You’ll Rate Me When I’m Dead) is enough to demand it goes on repeat right away.” -- MTV

Bookie is now releasing his latest project, ‘Publish this!’, which he proclaims to be his 'honesty' project due to its lack of external influence. The sound has an eerie Tim Burton-esque feel, leading you to feel dimensionless whilst subsequently hitting you with an energy similar to that of a national riot. His lyrical etiquette certifies him as a laureate, a wordsmith who stands the test of time. It's raw, it's unapologetic and it's 100% real.



  • Cheaper Than Therapy

  • Publish This

  • You'll Rate Me When I'm Dead

  • Iron Bars

  • Bookie's Dirtbag


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